Friday, June 08, 2007

Where will it all end?

The big news on all media these days is the eviction of some Tamil people living in Colombo, who allegedly have no reason to be in Colombo. According to reports around 260 people have been sent home back to where they came from. Of course the government claims they volunteered, and the Tamil MP’s are saying that they were forced. Who to believe, you decide.

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Since when does a citizen of any country need to have a valid reason to travel to any part of the country and live there. I should have the right to pack up my things, move to Kandy, Anuradhapura or wherever and live the just because I want to. If I can’t live in Kandy just because I was born in Colombo then basically Kandy and Colombo becomes two independent states. The way these evictees are being treated is like they are illegal aliens from another country. So what is the government implying here?

I agree that the security of a country is paramount, but there should be a proper way of getting on about it. If they have suspicions about people, the best would be to detain them and carry out investigations, not pack them all of to where they came from. By carrying out a proper investigation, the security forces can be certain whether the individuals are a threat or not. With the actions carried out what happens is that the people subjected to this treatment gets more dissatisfied with the way things are going. Who is to say that an innocent individual who was sent back will now think twice about supporting the terrorist? What’s stopping him now from fighting for a separate state, since he knows that the government already treats him like a citizen of another country? These sorts of actions are only adding more fuel to the fire. What were the so called decision makers thinking? Now the LTTE has a free excuse to kick out Sinhalese people in the North and East. The government can’t say anything now because they are doing the same thing to the Tamils over here. They are handing the LTTE more excuses and more propaganda material, and digging themselves a deep hole.

I hate all that is politics and usually don’t bother with it. I know no matter what we say, the idiots at the top will go on doing what they do. However the situation now is becoming a bit scary. Some people are calling it ethnic cleansing, but I wont go that far. There are (still) no genocides and mass graves here, but if this keeps on going, that is where we’ll probably end up. That is a scary thought my friends. I just hope the ordinary folks of this country are smarter than those who are running it and will not let themselves get dragged into a situation where the country is racked with racial hatred, and race riots.

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