Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just Some Random Thoughts

Life has taken a monotonous turn these days, mainly because of work I guess. Been stuck with a project for awhile and it gets really boring working on the same thing for a long time (at least for me).

Since my office is in the outskirts of Colombo don’t need to go into the city daily. (Thank god for that). The other great thing is that it’s walking distance from home. Yipeee. No overcrowded busses and traffic jams for me. I get an evil kinda pleasure seeing all those people stuck in traffic while I take a leisurely walk to office. I’m so used to it now that I try to avoid going to the city if I can. The only time that I would not mind going is on a Sunday, or a poya day, when everybody else is at home.

World weather is a bit wonky these days. The most recent weather disasters were the Cyclone in Oman and the Storm in eastern Aussie a few days ago. Cyclone Gonu which hit Oman is said to be the worst natural disaster to hit the state since they started keeping records in 1945. It has caused an estimated US$1 billion in damages and 49 people killed. 24 inches of rain has fallen and caused flooding in some areas. Floods in the middle of the desert are not something you hear often. Have some friends over there and the last time I checked they were OK. The storm in Eastern Aussie, billed as the worst in 30 years has left nine people dead.

You think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something with all this weird weather patterns? Or course she is, but the problem is we humans have a habit of not listening to her. Wait till she gets really pissed off one day and decides to kick us all out.

At least the world powers are taking note of global warming and decided to take necessary action during the recently concluded G8 summit, but of course GWB does not want to play fair and wants all the other to play according to his rules, like always. We’ll just have to wait and see if the world leaders are going to stop talking about it and actually do something.

Interesting things that has happened in history today: (courtesy of wikipedia)

1942 – Anne Frank started writing her diary, during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.
Here’s a really cool site, which is an interactive monument to her.

1964 – Former South African President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned by the Pretoria Supreme Court.

1979 – English channel crossing was done by a human powered aircraft named the Gossamer Albatross.

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