Thursday, November 01, 2018

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Can anyone hear my screams?

Can anyone hear my screams?
Or am I a ghost invisible to all
my throat is dry
and my lungs are empty
I scream as loud as I can
but only a hoarse whisper comes out
Gods of clay look down on me
turning a blind eye to my suffering
Darkness takes over
and the demons return
to torment me again
pain searing through my frail body
leave me be, I plead
only a demonic smile answers back
What is my crime, I wonder?
Being born a girl?
Born to a certain race, caste or religion?
Or simply being born?

I hope that you are aware of the Asifa Bano case. I'm not going into the details on this. The most disgusting part of this is the aftermath, where some people are trying to justify the actions of the perpetrators and make them into some kind of heroes.

Sadly, incidents such as these are happening all over the world. Race, cast or religion is immaterial.  Children are suffering all over by the same hands that are supposed to protect them. This is the unfortunate truth. Why? that is a question that I don't have an answer for. 

Day by day, my disappointment about the state of humanity rises. I know that there is a voice for good, but I feel that it's being systematically drowned out, until it's silenced. The greed of a few will ultimately spell the end for all humanity. 

As a father of a litter girl, I worry about the way things are and what they will be.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Fresh from the Sea

Came across some fishermen reeling in one of those huge fishing nets ashore. In Sinhalese these are called "මාදැල්" (maadal). It's tiring work, and I think it takes more than 3 hours to drag the whole thing in.

There was a reasonable harvest as well, enough to fill up several big baskets. Most of the catch were small fish like Sardinella (සාලයා), Ponyfish (කාරල්ලා), young Trevally (පරා), Indian Mackerel (කුම්බලා), and some other species which I'm not familiar with. There were two huge fish caught as well.

Once all the fish are gathered, the fishermen took it to the side of the road and sold it off then and there. More than half of it was gone within a few minutes.

The entire process of catching fish like this is a tiring, and time consuming process. They have to take the net by boat into sea and lay it out the night before, and in the morning reel it back in. The boats are small out rigger canoes enough to fit two people, and constantly jostled by the waves. The whole thing is a team effort. You need at least 10 people to reel the net in. The more people there is, the quicker the process, but more dividend to give out.

Take a little time to appreciate all the ground level people who contribute to the process of keeping us off starvation. The farmers, fisher folk and others involved in agriculture. As a nation, we should be independent and self sufficient in agriculture and food. At least enough to keep all the people without starving in case something happens. Believe me, nobody is going to give us free food just because we have a huge import account with them.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


I'm guilty of neglecting this blog for too long...

I used to post something at least once a week back then, but as time goes on, and life become more complicated, this has been pushed way down the line in terms of priority.

I used to love searching, gathering information and putting together an interesting post about a subject that interested me, and I still love to do it. Alas, time is limited.

I sometimes wonder how things got so complicated.

Being part of the rat-race, trying to keep your head above the water, where the ultimate goal is to get out of the water and onto that elusive beach made up of cheese.

And everywhere you look, millions of rats are doing the same thing. Clambering over each other, fighting with each other, dragging others underwater, so that they can get above the water.

Why? you ask yourself.

Because you have responsibilities. That is why...

But, sometimes, you just want to stop swimming and enjoy the insanity that is going around you, even for a brief moment, until the water starts pulling you under and you start scrambling for dear life.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Monday, May 02, 2016

Our mother Earth

Our mother earth,
a beautiful jewel
surrounded by emptiness.
The vast blackness space
pierced by the brightness
of her sapphire blue.
Home to countless souls
living under her care.
Nourished by her,
protected by her.
Yet there are those
who fail to understand
this simple truth of life.
Raping her mercilessly
for their own selfish needs.
Destroying her
day by day.
When will man learn
that without our mother
we will surely perish.
If we are not kind to her
there will come a day
when her patience will be tested
and she will retaliate.
On that day, all hope will be gone,
and we will be no more.
Reduced to a mere memory

in the darkness of space.