Thursday, March 15, 2018


I'm guilty of neglecting this blog for too long...

I used to post something at least once a week back then, but as time goes on, and life become more complicated, this has been pushed way down the line in terms of priority.

I used to love searching, gathering information and putting together an interesting post about a subject that interested me, and I still love to do it. Alas, time is limited.

I sometimes wonder how things got so complicated.

Being part of the rat-race, trying to keep your head above the water, where the ultimate goal is to get out of the water and onto that elusive beach made up of cheese.

And everywhere you look, millions of rats are doing the same thing. Clambering over each other, fighting with each other, dragging others underwater, so that they can get above the water.

Why? you ask yourself.

Because you have responsibilities. That is why...

But, sometimes, you just want to stop swimming and enjoy the insanity that is going around you, even for a brief moment, until the water starts pulling you under and you start scrambling for dear life.

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