Friday, May 01, 2020

Times of Change

A lot of things have changed quite drastically over the past couple of months. A previously unknown virus in a far-flung corner of the world has managed to turn itself into a pandemic. It was able to turn the world upside down. bringing countries to a standstill.

With lockdowns and isolation rules in place, bustling cities are deserted. There's a calm and quietness everywhere. Which in a way is quite nice, if you can ignore the big hit on the economy.

The economy of countries will bounce back, so will the big business, no matter how much crying they do at the moment. It's the small businesses that have the most risk of going under. The small entrepreneurs, the mum & pop shops, home-business owners, will have a tough time getting back. Some have sadly bitten the dust already.

It must be difficult for individuals as well, who are enduring lockdowns and isolation. Especially the elderly, and the disadvantaged. A lot of people are suffering silently, and only they know what is really happening inside.

While most people are trying to do the right thing by adhering to the lockdown rules, there are still some people who think that this is a hoax and decides to just ignore common sense. I gave up trying to understand how their brains work.

If we can take away one thing from this pandemic, it is to re-evaluate our priorities as a species. Do we keep destroying our world or do we try to heal it?

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