Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Toronto Santa Clause Parade 2011

Sunday the 20th was the day when Santa rode into town.

The Toronto Santa Clause parade has been entertaining kids and adults alike since 1905, which makes this year the 106th time the parade is happening. it has everything, from clowns to cartoon characters, marching bands, floats, and of course the big man himself, Santa.

Luckily the weather was good with a temperature of about 13, but there was a lot of wind, which made it much colder. But that didn't stop the people from coming in the thousands to line the parade route.

Official site
History of the parade
YouTube channel where you can see archive footage

pics below, enjoy

People lining up the parade rout

Here come the clowns

Clowns handing over panda ears to the kids

Police handing over gift bags to the kids

Po from Kung fu Panda

Some Hockey Dude


Power Rangers are in town

More Clowns

Marching band

police marching bacnd

Ronal McDonald making the rounds. McDonald's was a sponsor, so they were giving out free coffee. 

Mother Goose

Mr. Potato Head and Mr.Monopoly

On of the marching bands

Lego Men

Costumed characters


Hand walking monkeys

More costumed characters

Loony Tunes

A surfing Bugsy

Another marching band

Barbie float

Another marching band


Another marching band

The Muppet's float

Dinosaur floats from the Royal Ontario Museum 

Another marching band

Tots on toy cars

Happy Feet

Coca Cola float

Tim Horton's Gingerbread house


A marching band from NY, USA

Mrs. Clause

Here's the big man himself

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