Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Random Thoughts(?)

First of all Happy Halloween… Let the dark side rule for evah!!!

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There is an exec at the office that brings in his puppy to work. It’s a beautiful Golden Retriever pup, and spends the day inside the guy’s office room during the day. Basically eats, plays and sleeps, the latter more than anything else. The guy takes him down for walks at intervals to do his business. The office has a glass wall, so everybody can see the little dude’s antics. Everyone who walks by that office stops at some point to gush at the little fellow or to play with him. He’s spoilt with attention now.

Pic taken by one of the guys at office 


I’m getting addicted to coffee again. I stopped it sometime before I came here, but have started drinking it again. Hey, don’t blame me, there is free coffee at the office, and it’s cheap outside as well. A plain cuppa joe costs somewhere around $1.50 – $2.00, and the fancy ones are a little more than that. The Canadian equivalent for Starbucks is the Tim Horton's. There are Starbucks outlets here, but most natives live by Timmy’s. I believe they have the higher market share over all other coffee shops. Tim’s was founded by a local hockey legend who is its namesake, so the natives are loyal I guess.


Unfortunately, along with the coffee, the ciggies too have come back. I blame the cold. So, I’m weak, (don’t) sue me. Back home I only smoked while in the process of getting drunk, which was less frequent than you might imagine. Over here the rate has gone up to about one ciggie (not a pack mind you) a day, which is far better comparing to others.


Potato chips are also addictive, especially the spicy flavored ones.


Two important statements that I have read recently, which I think would make a great difference in the world.

“Happiness comes from within”, and
“You’ll never be happy with more until you’re happy with what you have currently”

I have realised that most of my unhappiness is caused by (some) outside people. Left by myself, I can be very happy. I’m generally not a people person, so I’m comfortable with that, but it’s not good for my social life though. For me, happiness is not what possession I have, it's the peace within. Stuff is just stuff.


Some people have a lot of trouble grasping the fact that we each are unique, and similarly, that cultures of different countries are also unique and different. Don’t expect everything to be the same as what you are used to everywhere you go. Don’t complain about them, embrace the change. It will be much easier on your life and for others around you as well.


Cooking daily meals can be boring.


This is just me blabbering… pay no attention.

Have a good week y’all. 


cadence said...

Daily cooking is a bore :S

Nice post, very day-to-day happenings like, and that pup is SO cute!

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