Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Improv Everywhere

This is a group of actors/artists who stage various sketches on public places, and basically entertains people. It's not exactly street theater, but in some ways it is. I guess you could also consider it as social experiments as well.

The group stage it in such a way that it takes people by surprise. Something different to the daily routine people are used to. Something absurd that makes people stop and take a look, and hopefully make them smile. The best part is looking at the reaction of the people.

How would you feel if the guy sitting next to you on a train started belting out Elvis songs and shaking his hips. Either you can enjoy it, or run away from the mad man. Personally, I hope I will be able to enjoy it. However, if I was alone, I would be vary, but if there were other people around, I would definitely enjoy it.

Their site showcases all of their projects. Worth a look.

This is their latest, spontaneous singing at the mall.

The below is a talk given by the founder of the group at TED.

There was a similar thing done in SL by Airtel (that's what I heard or read somewhere, but I'm not sure), group of people dancing in front if the Fort Railway Station.


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