Monday, March 15, 2010

Settling In

Spring is in the air. Winter is officially over since last Thursday in Canada. This is a good time to be here. Apparently this time was one of the warmest winters on record. That and the heat waves in SL, I think Mother Nature is pissed.

The weather at the moment is around 6-10 degrees, but there is also some rain, a constant drizzle more likely. Hope fully it won’t rain the whole summer.

Anyway, I landed here without any problems last Monday afternoon. The flight was tiring. I’ll never get used to sleeping in those airline seats. Whatever sleep I did get caused me neck cramps. The Dubai airport is jam packed as always, and there seems to be no stopping in its expansion. From what I saw, construction projects are underway in full swing within the airport.

Dubai to Toronto flight was on an A380 and boy, those things are huge. Upper deck is first and business class while poor old economy class passengers like me are in the lower deck. However there is a bit more legroom than in other aircraft. The flight was full, with 530 passengers on board. Unfortunately for me, I got stuck between two other guys in the middle seat. One guy was a Sri Lankan now living and working in Canada and he was going back home after some official work in, if I remember correctly, in Madagascar. He’s been flying for about 3 days, along with transits. Later he got an upgrade or something and was moved upfront, and some Kenyan dude was planted there. The guy on the other side was an African dude, living in Canada, but works in Indonesia, and going home for the vacation. That guy has also been flying for about three days and he had to catch another flight to Ottawa after landing in Toronto. I would have gone stir crazy if had to be stuck in planes like that.

There were a lot of arrivals at Toronto airport that I was stuck in the queue at customs and immigration for about an hour. They have a separate line for immigrant visas and I counted about 5 people while I was in the line. Don’t know where they were from but two looked Chinese. So I guess there are a lot of people moving to Canada.

I’m staying in Toronto, a little bit west of downtown. The company has some apartments near the office for people coming in from SL. Unfortunately I have to work at a client site, which is a town called Mississauga, about 40k’s from here, so I have to travel daily. Luckily the company provides Taxi’s and with the highways, your there in about 20-30 mins. Last time I was here I was working at the same client site, but we had an apartment in the same town, but there was a commute which involved taking two busses. Not an easy thing to do during Winter. I guess this time it is much better even though the distance is greater because of the taxi. Less boring too since there are several other guys from the SL office at the apartment complex.

Been busy since I got here so haven’t had a chance of getting good pics.


Looking our from the Dubai Terminal at the giant bird which is going to take me

Some of views from the apartment. Hopefully by next month, these trees will have some leaves on them

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Chavie said...

Aaaah, you got to go on an A380! Those pictures look superb man! :D