Monday, March 22, 2010

Get Ready for the Great Outdoors...

No, I’m not planning to go running around in some wood.

However, Canadian are getting ready for Summer now, having being cooped up indoors for the past 4+ months, they can’t wait to shed the winter jackets are have some fun in the sun. In preparation for this, there was an outdoor sports exhibition called the Toronto Sportsman’s Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, showcasing the latest in camping, fishing and hunting gear.

One of the first things that catch your eye is the sleek speedboats equipped with all the necessary gadgets and supports for the avid fisherman, or woman. Everything from the latest in GPS to rod holders, livewells (water filled storage units to keep your catch till you get back to shore) baitwells, etc. Even the interiors are comfy and luxurious. After you get past the boats then there are the rods, baits and other fishing gear, everything ever need to go fishing. However going fishing and catching fish are two different things. You got to have a lot of patience. And I bet it’s not as fun as fishing off a bridge in SL, with just a nylon line, no rods, and chicken bits for bait.

Then there was another section totally devoted for hunting. You can take your pick out of several dozen models of rifles with telescopic aiming. If you want to be more like Robin Hood, then you can take your pick out of the latest in Archery bows, long bows or cross bows. I know some of you out there are appalled at the thought of hunting, but I am a carnivorous animal, and I like my meat. However I do draw the line at hunting for sport and hunting exotic or endangered animals. I believe that for most people who hunt in summer, the main game is Duck, Turkey and maybe some Deer, which are then consumed. I mean who would shed a tear for a lame old Duck, except maybe Daffy and Donald. And in any case, these animals usually are breeding machines. Controlled hunting helps to keep their numbers in check. You need to have a license to hunt in a State anyway. The state of Ontario allows to hunt Moose, White Tailed Deer, Grouse ,Wild Turkey and Water Fowls, which make tasty dishes. The only oddity is that they also allow Black Bear, which is a surprise to me. According to this site, they allow hunting as a way to control their population.

Unfortunately, there is still big game African hunting safari’s offered by various operators. One such site is this, Hunting for trophies is just not right.

Tried my hand at shooting a few arrows with a long bow and I must say, not bad for a first timer. Managed to keep all the arrows within the target area, not the center mind you, but still. There was also a dog show and a competition for hunting dogs. Those hunting dogs are very well behaved mind you. No matter what distractions there are they will only retrieve what their handler tells them to, and after they retrieve the game they sit down and wait till the handler takes the prize from the mouth, they never drop it to the ground.

The place was jam packed, so I guess the fish, the ducks and the deer hanging around Ontario should start to make plans to find a safe house in the coming months, if they want to see the next winter.

Cheers and stay safe!!!

Some of the boats on display. The interiors are awesome.

Wanna jet ski anyone
...Or go trek the woods caterpillar style?

A home for the road, RV's

Drivers seat of an RV

Bedroom area of the RV

Kitchen area

Bathroom, take all the comforts of the home with you anywhere

Hunting Rifles

Big game trophies

I really don't get their appeal

Cute doggies at the dog show

A pic of the CN tower for a good measure


Angel said...

Euuuuw at the dead animals on display... no appeal at all!

Hmmm... wondering who I can convince to gift me an RV like that! :)

niroshinie said...

Agree about stuffed dead animals.
Then again I wouldn't hunt to eat either. Well I would need to get lost in the desert to truly test the integrity of that statement :)
But yes hunting for the mere fun of it is far more terrible than hunting for food.
Have a nice summer!

Chavie said...

Yuck, poor animals! :(

The caterpillar wheeled thing looks awesome! Must feel like owning a mini-tank! ;) lol

Azrael said...

@Angel: You an me both. Ditto at the RV too.

@niro: Yeah, when you are hungry enough all principles go out the door. :D

@Chavie: Yep, poor animals indeed.