Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Giant Bunny’s Anyone?

I came across this news story while trawling through some odd news sites.

There is a breed of Rabbits known as the German Grey, which can weigh up to 10kg. A German breeder by the name of Karl Szmolinsky bred in 2006, a 23 pound, (10kg) Giant Grey Rabbit named Robert. According to reports, he had made a deal with the North Koreans to supply several breeding pairs of these Rabbits to help with the food crisis. Seemed like sensible solution, as we all know, bunny’s love to procreate... a lot. Unfortunately all news of the bunny’s halted when they entered North Korea and it’s is suspected that they ended up in some rich official’s dinner table.

There are around 50 different breeds of rabbits apparently, mostly created by various breeders from around the world, through selective breeding or natural selection. From what I can gather, the smallest would be the Dwarf Hotot, weighing around 3lb, and the largest the above mentioned German Grey. Another close contender for the biggest is the Flemish Giant, which can also reach around 10kg’s.

Sounds yummy don’t they?.... Yes...Yes... I know, I’m evil. Wot to do ne?

Giants Rabbits to NK 1

Giants Rabbits to NK 2

List of Bunny Breeds

Robert the Giant German Gery Rabbit

Dwarf Hotot
Flemish Giant

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Delilah said...

Jeez. So much for " cute wittle wabbits"

Makuluwo said...

WTF! That. Is. SO COOL. O_O

DeeCee said...

Eeeek! scary

Charm Bracelet said...

Man those bunnies are scary! Might be comfy to cuddle up to them though like you would to a golden retriever :D

Sonia said...

may be monster rabbit.

Jessica James said...

Wow��look at those buns!It might be a little intimidating to have such a massive loaf of a rbbit, but i think its still cute.Well, it would make a funny picture next to my greyhound anyways....I guess if you introduced them as a foodsorce in poor countries we might end the world hunger crisis