Wednesday, April 15, 2009


First of all, I hope that everyone had a good time this avurudu. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will bring about a lot of positive changes to us, as a country and as individuals.

As mentioned, yours truly and three of the old gang went down south to celebrate avurudu, and had a blast of a time. Left home around 8am on Monday morning, and thanks to clear roads, made it to Unawatuna at around 10.30. Holidays like these are the best to travel since many people are out of the roads. We managed to find couple of rooms in a small place that we’ve stayed before, good comfy rooms for a reasonable price. Actually the place was built with people like us on mind, not your ideal family inn, I dare say. The place used to have good food, but not so much this time around. Either they have a new cook, or the regular guy has gone on leave for avurudu.

Times they are changing though. Earlier when we planned a trip, we had about 10 people in the gang, but now, it’s a tough job to find four people. Some have gone out of the country, and some are just plain busy, and the end result is less amigos for our adventures. Another thing I noticed is that our level of alcohol consumption has gone down markedly, when compared to what we used to do earlier. Is this a sign of growing old? O the horror.

It’s also a bit weird to be the only single guy in the lot and listen to the others talking about their wedding plans, something I never imagined that we’d be talking while getting wasted. :O It’s funny how the world turns isn’t it. How things evolve in a short time. I mean, around a year ago, wedding plans were the furthest from anyone’s mind. I think they now consider me a “Special Project” to get off the singles list. Yikes...Scary thought :O.

Getting wasted and soaking in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, ah the good life. Great while it lasted, but now back to the daily grind. Half the people in my team is off for the remainder of the week, so these couple of days are going to a bit hectic.

Cheers y’all have a good week.

Some pics for your enjoyment :)

Through the looking glass

King Coconuts

Where buildings meets the sea

The sea, rocks and a Tree


Put me to water please

The Beach

A tree top perch

Green and Blue

A Lot of Leaves

He Shoots, He Scores

Old Crock

Stoned Elephant


Old Woman


Old Jewellery 

Wonder who ate from these?

A dressing table with some great woodwork

The antiques are from one of those antiques shops inside the Fort.


DeeCee said...

man..i have to go and have a looongg weekend in galle. :) say, is the place u stayed called sun n' sand or something like that?

Azrael said...

yes you should...

the 3rd and 4th pics are of the Sun n Sea. We stayed in a place called Happy Night right opposite :)

sach said...

nice pics. now i want to go downsouth also. doesn't look like i'll do anything productive this month.

Azrael said...

@Sach - Thanks. This never was a productive month anyway :)

pissu perera said...

happy night? :D that's a really creative name.

Just Chillin' said...

I love the title of your post ;)