Friday, November 30, 2007


This feels oddly like one of those grade 1 essays you were given to write about “Mage Surathala” or “My Pet”. It just shows that I’m running dry these days…This annoying little thing called works is getting in the way of life :P. It sucks…

Hi my name is Azrael and I am a cat lover…There I said it. I’ll never match up to the Mad Cat Woman over here but I might get there some time. No surprises there, after all Garfield is my hero. He he he :D

I am an animal person in general, but have this special spot in me heart for Kitty Kats. I guess it’s their attitude. Independent, aloof, and doesn’t give a shit about the rest of the world. After all cats were worshiped as gods by the Egyptians, so there must be something to them. The other thing that is appealing is that they have a certain evil magical mysteriousness about them.

Ok, why am I going on this pointless ranting? I have no idea, but I do want to introduce the newest member of the family.

This here is the eighth feline to own me. No it’s not a mistake. Cats choose and own the humans, not the other way around. The last one to rule, went to kitty heaven about two years back and well, I wasn’t in the mood to have another one for a while. Then a couple of weeks back, this little fur ball lands on my lap.

It was one of those rainy mornings and I was dragging myself to work. I was walking down our lane, cursing the rain gods, and what do I hear? A heart-tugging little mewling sound coming out of nowhere. After a bit of investigation I found out the cause. The little fur ball was hiding under a bush, trying to keep dry. I’m not sure whether someone left it there, or just wandered out from somewhere, but I just couldn’t leave him there now could I? What else to do but take ze fur ball home.

His official name is Osiris, after the Egyptian god of life, death and fertility. Actually there’s no point in naming them, coz I can never stick to a name. I just call them whatever takes my fancy at any given time. The result? A very confused critter with a personality disorder.

So far he’s getting a deal of a life time. Three warm meals a day brought to his feet, an adorable biped to play around with, and a whole household to rule over. If that isn’t a royal life, I don’t know what is. *sigh*

Oh well back to doing slave labor…I have to keep his majesty fed don’t I?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Green Ratings

A recently concluded research study aimed to rank 141 nations of the world according to the most greenest and most livable places. The study was carried out by an environmental economist form the University of California, in Los Angeles, by the name of Mathew E Kahn PhD. He and his team analyzed data for 141 nation of the world from two main data sources. These were

1. United Nations 2006 Human Development Index
2. 2005 environmental Sustainability Index

Their analysis looked into social factors such as education and income and into environmental measures.

The following chart shows a summary of some of the categories and how our dear old SL fared.

Category Rank of Sri Lanka #1 #141
Air Quality - Rates concentration of several pollutants in urban areas 102 Moldova Guatemala
Water Quality - Rates pollutant levels as well as other factors that affect water purity 90 Norway Morocco
Energy Efficiency - Rates conservation efforts and use of renewables such as hydrocarbon 36 D. R. Congo Trinidad & Tobago
Green House Gasses - Rates carbon emission per capita and GDP 37 Chad Turkmenistan
Environmental Health - Rates childhood mortality, diseases and deaths from intestinal infections 36 Austria Turkmenistan
Overall - Rates the greenest, most livable countries based on social and environmental factors 66 Finland Ethiopia

The study also revealed 5 key lessons tha can lead to improvements.

1 You can always get greener
2 Don’t stop thinking about the future
3 Save forests and trees
4 Manage progress for the benefit of all
5 Turn things around while there is still time

A ranking of 66 out of 141 is actually better than what I would’ve thought we’d get. We are already half way there and with a little more effort we can certainly improve on things. Let’s just hope that things don’t go the other way :D

Source: Reader’s Digest

PS - Oops... guess my table experiment didn't go off that well. Will fix it when i get some time :(

Monday, November 12, 2007

Baa Baa Black Sheep: The Unionized Version

Baa Baa black sheep have you any wool?
Yes sir yes sir three bags full
But you’ll never get any at all
Until you meet our union demands,
All these years you screwed us all
Getting the wool right off our backs,
A handful of grass and a barrel of water
Was all that we got in return

Well not anymore,
We are the new generation,
Sheep of the world
Thanks to a little thing called education,
No more the dumb nuts at your beck and call
No more will you screw us around,
To make your fat asses even fatter,
We got ourselves a little union now
And the rules are clear,
We have the right to make demands,
If you want to have our wool
Talk to my agent, talk to my lawyer
Let your people deal with my people,

We don’t ask for much, our needs are simple,
Imported grass and Evian water, just to start
A manicure, pedicure and a spa treat,
Once a month is more than enough
A big ass HD TV for our pad
A cable connection with five hundred channels
That is all we ask for now
About later we don’t know
The sooner you meet our demands
The sooner you can go back,
To your little farm house and comfy life
Deny us our rights and see what happens
All the wool goes to the little boy who cries down the lane

All characters featured on this post are fictional. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is not my problem…

Friday, November 02, 2007

One Year On

Well it’s been one year (+ couple of days) since I started this little blog of mine, and it is a surprise even to me that it lasted this long. Before that I was just a reader of blogs, not a writer. It was my friend Harshadewa, who first got into it and invited my to start a blog as well, so I guess I owe him a thanks .

First of all, I was someone who hated writing essays during school, and I really didn’t think that I’ll have anything worth writing about. I pondered about this on my first post, oh so long time ago. I just started this for fun, but it is a surprise to see that I’ve made 73 posts (including this one) over the year. Now this may not sound impressive considering there are people who put out a post each day, but to me it is something :D. The main reason I see for not liking essay writing during school is because they grade you on that. What I write and what the teacher has on mind are two completely different things, so my grades were, let’s say not good. However in the world of blogging it’s all open season. No one to grade and criticize. If you don’t’ like it, don’t read it he he.

On the whole, this blogging business is a good thing. I’ve learnt many new things by reading them and writing on mine. Little tit-bits of information that is stored in the recess of the old noggin. Who knows, they might come in handy sometime. I’ve made some new and interesting friends, even though I have no idea who they are. It has also made me take up a new hobby, writing, and to polish up my writing skills too.

A big thank you goes out to all who have put up with my little ramblings and left their comments on them.

Cheers to all!!!