Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Entry into the Wonderful World of Blogging

It seems to me that every Tom, Dick and Harry nowadays has a BLOG and if they find out that u don’t they tend to give u weird looks, like it’s and abomination or something. So to defend myself against these bloggers and their dirty looks I have resolved to create this blog. What I am going to fill it with I don’t know…I am truly amazed to see on other blog that are updated every day… I guess some people have lots to say and lots of time to kill too. So this is just a warning to all who visit this site, not that I am encouraging visits, not to expect daily updates.

I must admit that it is an interesting phenomena these blogs, which has helped to connect people and to give voices to people, who otherwise would never have been heard. You have to admit that not all of us are going to be published authors, journalist, songwriters, playwrights or whatever. We’ll be lucky if one of our manuscripts end up even in the waste basket of a big publishing house. Sad but true fact is that we can’t all be Stephan Kings (All hail the master) of this world. We have to satisfy ourselves by publishing our insane thoughts in the wonderful world of blogs. So it is a great gizmo for all us literary wannabes.

Cheers till the next time!!!

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