Monday, April 08, 2013

Of Weddings and Random Pics

One of my friends from school got married over the weekend in Galle. His bride is Polish, so the whole thing was a western styled one. That was one of the reasons he wanted to have it in Galle.

It was a beautiful outdoor wedding at Jetwing Era in Unawatuna. The best thing about it was that there was only 80 invitees, so it made the whole thing a very intimate affair. The dress code was smart casual, but most people changed in to something more comfortable for the reception after church was over. They even provided rubber flip flops for the guests who wanted to take off their shoes and relax. The decorations were beautiful and had a simple elegance about it. The whole thing was handled by a wedding planner, so all went smoothly.

The next day was the bride's birthday, so at midnight, a birthday cake was but and a fireworks show was put on. I'm guessing she was one happy bride.

Because they had limited the number of guests, they were able to do something special. A very intimate event where everybody could enjoy and have a great time.

A great contrast to our weddings, where there are too many people and less enjoyment, especially for the couple. It's our "tradition" to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry and sometimes even their pets to the wedding, whether we can afford it or not. Most of the time, it's not even the couples decision. It's been hijacked by the parents. I would love to have a small wedding with something different, but I guess it's hard to break from tradition. You can do it, but you are going to break a few hearts along the way, and you have to weigh in everything.


niroshini said...

The deco looks very original and lovely!
Its just not in our genes to have 'small intimate' weddings I guess. Since we're raised in a culture where relatives and neighbours mean so much, its hard not to invite the lot...I think the main reason many people feel so stressed out on their wedding is that they try to squeeze so many unnecessary stuff and turn the wedding into a frikkin 'performance'!!
I flatly refused have any of the champagne pouring thingie/milk fountain/dancers performing live/fake rigifoam wedding cake/changing into a huge going away ball gown thingie..etc at my wedding :)

Azrael said...

@Niro: Big weddings are ingrained in our genes. Unfortunately, the couple's choices are usually overruled by the parents :)