Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Endless

This is something inspired by the Endless Characters of Neil Gaiman. 

She is a thing of beauty
with raven hair, and skin like white marble
but be warned, look into her eyes
and all souls are laid bare
her name is Death, and Death is what she is
leading the dead away from the living

When mortals sleep their minds wander
into the realm where Dream is lord
he shapes the imagination
of these wayward minds
creating a world of fantasy
where mortals can escape
from their dreary lives

The world is in constant change
being destroyed and created
Destruction is in charge of this
endless cycle
yet he chose to turn his back
and walk away

Desire is a man, a woman
or both, or neither
yet a radiating beauty nonetheless
mortal hearts are never safe
when Desire is at play
leading the good astray
until they succumb to Desire’s will

When one cannot gain
what the heart desire
Despair takes over
she and Desire, born as twins
yet different like worlds apart
fat and ugly with crooked teeth
she is in constant pain
and silently suffers

The youngest of the all
is named Delirium
a pretty little thing with
mismatched eyes
yet her mind is like the sea
thoughts rolling in and out
but never staying in one place

Finally there is Destiny
the eldest  of all the siblings
he is blind, yet he sees everything
the book of life is chained to him
where every detail of mortal lives
are written between it’s pages
he knows everyone and everything
where they have been
where they are now
and where they are going
nothing escapes the gaze of Destiny

These are the seven siblings
As old as time itself
and Delirium
the Endless ones
rulers of mortal souls

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