Monday, August 13, 2012

Santhaapayen- Harshadewa Feat Raj (Official Video)

Guy is a close friend of mine, so I'm shamelessly plugging it :D


Vocal: Harshadewa Ariyasinghe (
Music- Raj
Lyrics- Nilar N. Cassim
Co Produced By- Kapil 
Video- Mohomed Rimzi Hossen
Mixed and Mastered By-Ruban 
Backup Vocals- Keerthana 
Sax- Harshana Wijayasinghe
Keys & Programmed By - Kapil
Guitars- Priyan Sandakelum Perera

Ring Back Tone IDs
Dialog- Dial 8756265 | Etisalat- Dial *3543373 | Mobitel- Type 21500047 and send to 777 | Airtel- Dial 8881540495 | Hutch- Type RT 651049 and send to 369

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Hisham said...

haha funny you should mention it.. I work with the guy :D