Friday, June 15, 2012

The World We Live In

Civil society has lost its civility
reverting back to primitive roots
mankind drowning in a deep abyss
a dark and miserable place
created by the evil
in man’s own heart
deeper and deeper they go
losing all hope
never to resurface

The greed for materialistic things
drives their whole being
they covet what others have
envy rules the mind, body and soul
until it transforms to anger
in the face of their own failures

Anger takes over their lives
and all effort is spent
towards the destruction of others
after all why should one be happy
while another is not
they relish in the misery of others
like vampires lust for blood
eagerly waiting for others to fail
for the bloodlust to be full filled

Violence takes center stage
ultimate means to all ends
trample the weak
till their voices are drowned
frustrated with their own impotence
they take it out on the innocent
making themselves look important
and so the cycle continues
what a miserable place
this world has become
we are all leading
fucked up lives
in a fucked up world
if there are indeed
God’s up in heaven
may they have mercy
on our souls

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