Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day at the zoo

Took a little sight seeing trip to the Toronto Zoo. I was waiting till the weather to warm up, but luck would have, this particular day was a bit chilly, and foggy.

The zoo, covers a huge area, and they have divided it up along different continents.

Well, pics are better than words, enjoy.

You can see the full set on my Flickr

Egyptian Sacred Ibis


Fish from the Great Barrier Reef exhibit


Baby Gorilla


Sleeping polar bear cub

Polar bear

Going for a swim

Deep Sleep

Arctic Wold

Snow Owl

Tree Kangaroo

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Blue faced honey eater

Green tree viper

Tawny frogmouth

Snow Leopard


Lady divine said...

super nice!! :)

Azrael said...

Thanks :)