Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh look, It’s Valentine’s Day Again!

To: All the lover in this world!

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again. The “Day of Love”. Bah...it’s baffling how my day has been so blown out of proportion.

First of all, let me make something very clear. I had absolutely no part in making the day dedicated to me, into this fiasco called day of lovers. My life has been pure hell because of it. I’ve had to take a lot of crap from both Cupid and Aphrodite thanks to this damn day. Cupid would like nothing better than to shoot his arrows right through me every time he sees me, and those cold looks from Aphrodite. Man, those send chills down my spine. That lady has a talent for staring you down. Enough to make you wish you were never born. I have tried to explain that I didn’t have anything to do with this whole Valentine’s Day crap, and they are more than welcome to the Love franchise, but it’s hard to convince them when everything you here around this time of year has the my name attached to it.

The way I see it, it’s all a huge conspiracy cooked up by shadowy agents of consumerism. Sometime in the past, a group of marketers got together in some secret boardroom and thought, hmm... since Christmas is done and over with, how can we get gullible consumers to buy more of our stuff. We need to have something big between Christmas and Easter. Let’s see, who are the most likely group to blindly spend money on things. The answer of course is people in love. Some bright spark within that group must have known about me and my support for love and happy marriages, so why not take advantage of that. It all went downhill after that.  

Each year, I’m surprised at the things they manage to come up with to sell in the name of Valentines Day. From boyfriend pillows to edible candy lingerie, the things out there are mind boggling.  Frankly, somethings out there makes me blush like an apple. That jobless Cupid has nothing better to do but surf the net all day to find the weirdest stuff associated with Valentine’s Day. Afterwards he puts up flyer's so that everyone can see these monstrosities. All those smirking faces as they pass me by really gets my goat. I have to go hide away from for  most of the time during this season. An uninhabited island in the middle of nowhere is just the place I want to be right now.

My dear people, showing your love for someone isn’t something to be confined to one day. It’s an ongoing commitment. You should show your love to those who you care about everyday. Further more, showing your love is not about buying them expensive things. Sure, it’s always nice to give gifts to the person you love, and to receive them, but it should be from your heart. Gifts should be given because you want to. You shouldn’t give  gifts because you feel obligated to do so all in the name of some superficial date in a calendar.

However, its the little things that matter the most. Love is caring about one another and being there for one another during the good times and the bad. Its about accepting each other, faults and all. Its about showing patience when your lover irks you, and not blowing your top for everything. The main thing to remember is that love is not about blind consumerism. If people can behave all the time like they do on Valentine’s Day, then the world will be a much better place to live. Unfortunately “love” is a one day thing apparently.

Well, that’s my two cents worth on this matter. Hopefully people will put more value to love than making it about a big show on just one day. At least then I can  get that cheeky bastard Cupid off my back.

Go show some love to the world people.

Peace and Love

St. Valentine

P.S. Cupid wanted to send this message too. I would like to mention that I did so under duress.

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shane carvalho said...

I was reading it though it was written by Azrael. It was funny when I finally saw the actual author.

I think I should read it again in a deep, angry morbid voice to get the best effect.