Thursday, February 02, 2012

Awesome 80's

I saw some reference to Fleetwood Mac today, which reminded me of their song "Tell me lies". Brought back memories of when I was little and watching ITN Fan Club. Back in the day when there were only two TV stations in SL (Oh, ze horror :O ) Fan Club, hosted by Kumar De Silva, was like the only English music show.   There was another show called Musical Showcase, if I remember correctly, hosted by Bevil Palehiwadana.

They didn't show lot of rock videos, but mostly pop. So there wasn't any Queen, or Gn'R on them :). Rock probably didn't have a good stronghold in SL back then. It became popular when they started showing MTV (Music Television, not the other one) on one of the channels, TNL wasn't it?

I clearly remember these first two videos, because these were quite popular at the time, I think they showed them every week. Micheal Jackson, Milli Vanili, A-ha, Pet Shop Boys, New Kids On The Block, Eurythmics, Roxette were also popular.

Fleetwood Mac - Tell me lies
Actually I used to love this song. Smirk all you want :P

New Romance - You're my first love
This song was so popular for some time. They showed it every week I think.

This is a compilation of song snippets from the 80's I found on YouTube.

A Time when Paula Abdul actually used to sing :P I think people have forgotten what a great dancer she was too.

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams

Roxette - Listen To Your Heart - These guys are still going strong apparently.

Of course who could forget Gn'R

I can't remember when I first heard Gn'R but loved them ever since. They were my introduction to the world of Rock.

Shit! I just realized that this post makes me an old bastard :(


Angel said...

Awesome awesome trip down memory lane!

GG said...

oh yeah, used to watch Fan Club every week, Tusdays 7:30 pm I think (or may have been 7).
haha...this post brings out the old people around the blogosphere I guess...

Azrael said...

Angel - glad you enjoyed.

GG - yep, the oldies are outed :D