Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Reason Why I think Some People Shouldn't Allowed to be Parents

Toddlers and Tiaras

I've heard of this show before, but I never really got a good look at it until recently, and my first reaction was WTF? There are some crazy things out there on TV Land, and this is has to be in the top ten. Maybe it's just me but I fail to understand the logic behind adult beauty pageants, let alone ones for children. Watch the videos and you be the judge. Those Mom's in there are super-competitive and scary. They basically pimp their kids and wonder why pedophiles are running around. Doh...

In my opinion, kids shouldn't be pushed into doing things, especially something like beauty pageants. They should be encouraged to do something that develops their minds and skill set.

The sad thing is, it's the mothers who are the driving force behind these.

It's usually teenagers who gets a bad rep, blamed on their rising hormones, but it looks like they have a better understanding of how to be parents, or at least about what is bad for children. See the below video.

The following are links to two interesting articles on the subject by psychologist Lucia Grosaru.

Toddlers and children beauty pageants – Risk factors for severe psychological turmoils

Sexualizing your child is not playing dress-up – Parents and child beauty pageants

I think this sums up the whole logic behind it.

Mothers of these children are usually trying to live their own dreams through their young daughters. I am talking about dreams that they either could not accomplish or accomplished in such way that they’ve become a way of life.
(Lucia Grosaru - Toddlers and children beauty pageants – Risk factors for severe psychological turmoils)

Then again, this article is from the parents side of things.
Parents defend putting their kids in beauty pageants

Humans surely are strange creatures. 


GG said...

It's ridiculous, children should be children,... running around screaming, getting all muddy and messy, not sitting pretty trying to look like adults and be sexualised.
What their mothers are feeding them are false values of outer beauty and competition, which a child's mind is not yet matured enough to grasp. Sigh...

Angel said...

I think the term is "morbidly fascinating"... I watched a couple of episodes for the sheer horror of it... and seriously, have you seen how most of the mums are like terribly overweight or faded and botox-y?


Dee said...

I think Katy Perry used to do pageants. Look what she turned out to be... >_> BLECH!