Monday, January 30, 2012

The Seven Little Demons

In an era long gone by
there were seven little demons
who broke the bonds of hell
and made their escape
searching for a new home
upon a fledgling earth
they roamed the darkness
seeking nourishment
to grow in strength
and conquer the land
alas, their efforts were in vain
because the creatures of earth
were not easily fooled
by hollow promises
Then one day
they found man
a more than willing host
who welcomed them
with open arms
and willing hearts
Little by little
the demons grew
in strength and in power
worshipped by man
mere puppets in their hands
man turned against the world
all it’s creatures
and even his own kind
he destroyed it all
until none was left
While the demons
danced in joy
and Gluttony
seven little demons
who brought a world to it’s end!


shane carvalho said...

Dude! This is really good stuff.

Azrael said...

Thank you :)