Friday, January 13, 2012


It`s kinda been slow when it comes to posts recently. Nothing much exiting has happened, or they have just passed me by.

So, lets get back to the age old conversation starter, the weather.

It`s crazy, to say the least. This is winter time, and usually January means the height of winter, where Toronto should be enjoying temperatures of -15 and every inch of the city is covered in snow. But, it is not so. The lowest temperature up to now has been -12C, but that was for one night. All this time the temp has been ranging from -5 to +5. I think this was the first time Toronto celebrated New Years Eve with a plus temp. There was only few days of snow for the whole of winter. At this moment (Thursday evening) it is 4C and raining. Unfortunately its going downhill after today. The weekend is going to be cold.

I think the weather gods are messing with us just for the fun of it. Sri Lanka has had record temp lows of 18C in Colombo and 6C in Nuwaraeliya. If this trend keeps up and the temp keeps falling, we could expect snow in Colombo, or at least in NuwaraEliya, which would be way cool.

However this mild winter is mainly for Toronto. Other cities are experiencing winter as normal. One of the worst hit is in Alaska. a snow storm on the 10th of January left the small town of Cordova with 18 feet of snow. Try clearing that early in the morning. They have declared it a disaster zone and the national guard are helping to clear the snow. The coastal city of Nome is running out of supplies because the sea is frozen and ships can`t get near. A Russian tanker carrying fuel is stuck 90miles out at sea, and the coast guard ice breakers are clearing a path for it, but apparently it slow going.

Alaska Snowed in
Russian tanker struggles to reach ice-bound Alaska port

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On a happy note, tomorrow is Friday. TGIF! :)

Have a good weekend. Have fun and enjoy.

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