Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa Clause Diaries

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Christmas. Bah. There is too much stuff left to do, and it's less than two weeks till the big day. Can you believe that some toys are still on the production line. Those elves are pulling triple shifts but there is still some left. On top of it all Rudolph is sick. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome. I'm keeping him in isolation till Christmas. After that he can drown in a vat 100% proof alcohol for all I care. I'm not going through the same shit as last year. Serves me right for letting a drunkard lead the sleigh. Oh lord, my stress levels are off the chart. I'm fucking too old for this crap. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m still a big fan of Christmas. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the smile on a child's face when they see their presents on Christmas morning.  It’s just that Christmas doesn’t have the same meaning anymore for people. 

Today, Christmas has been hijacked by commercialism. This is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, consumerism keeps economies running smoothly. Recession is not a fun thing either. However there should be a limit to everything. It's just that people are too focused on the gifts and the parties. Hey, I'm not against those. I am the big daddy of gift giving am I not? And my new year's eve parties are killer. If you are sober at the end of it, then there is something wrong with you. Anyway, my point is that don't be selfish when too many people are suffering around the world. Give up the me, myself and I thinking and think about how you can make the day brighter for someone else. 

I admit, you can't change the world by yourself. I've been trying all these years. However, you can start close to home. Come on, do you really need to buy the latest gadget that will be obsolete in a month or two? or that extra pair of shoes that you'll wear only once? That money can help a less fortunate person to spend a week or two without going hungry. Why not give that money to a worthwhile charity so that they can help those truly deserving.  

Sometimes the best gifts are not about the highest monetary value. It can be even free. Give the gift of yourself. Spend time with your family, especially your parents and grand parents. They may drive you crazy, but you are here because of them, so go spend sometime with them this Christmas. There are many people, especially seniors who are alone because they don't have anyone. I bet they would love nothing better than to have somebody to spend Christmas with. We get too caught up in the hype and forget about the important things in life. 

Don't get me started on the kids these days. They are are too spoiled. No, that's not right. Half the kids in the world are spoiled because they have too much stuff, while the other half doesn't know what the word means because they are more worried about staying alive till the next day. The disparity between these two situations is too painful. The below video is somewhat of an example. OK, may be the parents are a bit mean, but it shows expectations of kids these days. Believe me, the naughty list keeps getting longer while the nice list is getting shorter and shorter each year. I've been tempted to chuck it all out and just leave pieces of coal on all stockings, but the missus was against it. You kids are lucky she talked me out of it, bless her kind heart. 

This world is not a fair world, but people can change it. Show your children that Christmas is not about the toys that they get. Teach them to be selfless and to share their good fortune with those less fortunate than them. 

The religious aspect aside, Christmas should be about love, caring, and sharing. Those are not just for Christmas, but should be practiced each and everyday. Make the world a better place people. You owe it to your kids and grand kids. If this world ever survives that long. 

Hmmm, I must be getting sentimental in my old age, or may be its just the stress. I can't wait for this season to be over and start my vacation. The missus and I are heading for Bora Bora this time. Nice little romantic escape, if you know what I mean (wink, wink) Ho Ho Ho.

I best be getting back to work. 

Merry Christmas to all.

Peace! \m/


Scrumps said...

I know exactly what you mean Santa. But I loved this post.

Season greetings! :)

Azrael said...

Seasons Greetings to you too my dear :)