Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sleepless Night

Lying on my bed
sleep eludes me
while others engage
in exiting adventures
through lands of fantasy
shaped by the Dreamlord
The world is still
covered in a blanket
of deep solitude
whistling cicadas
echo like sirens
giving a certain ambiance
to the stillness of the night
hear the distant rumble
of a train passing by
on its midnight journey
loud and clear
piercing the silence
the drone of the engine
and the clacking of the wheels
music to my ears
shattering the illusion
that the world is dead
and the cogs of the world
are still turning strong


Lady divine said...

nice! made me remember lots of my sleepless nights too.... :)

Azrael said...

Thanks LD. Hope you are not having sleepless nights anymore :)