Sunday, November 06, 2011

On All Hallows Eve

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On a night shrouded in darkness
chilled by the autumn winds
sinister shadows come alive
crawling out of their hidden realm
fearsome creatures of the night
all come out to play
on all hallows eve

The coven of witches’ convene
for a night of grand celebration
a tradition as old as time
they come from near and far
north, south, east, and west
brewing potions and casting spells
rejoicing the darkness within
on all hallows eve

graves unearth the restless dead
burning with desire
to walk among the living again
searching for remnants  
of their former lives
in an endless pursuit
to revive what is lost
on all hallows eve

Jack-O-Lanterns line the streets
glowing with their sinister smiles
silent keepers of dark secrets
we humans are unaware
beware the restless spirits
roaming the mortal realm
in search of wayward souls
on all hallows eve

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