Sunday, October 09, 2011

Toronto: in Pics

This is the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, which is one of those rare long weekends. The weather is gorgeous, with temperature in the high twenties. You almost forget it's the Fall.

To make the best of the weather, I went downtown to take some pics. i walked along the harbour front area for a while and deiced to take a ferry to the Toronto islands. These are a group of islands couple of kilometers from the shore. Its only about a 15 ferry ride.

As promised, pictures :D

Above is a Google map view of downtown Toronto and the Toronto Islands

The top three are actually pics of the skyline at night from a are called Broadview. This is looking at downtown from behind.

This is one of the ferry's leaving for the Toronto Islands

Pics of Random boats moored at the harbour front area

A lamp post, a tree, and the CN tower

Roof structure of a stage at the Harbour front. if you look closely you can see a reflection of yours truly :D

Toys of the rich

A pic taken from the ferry. There is a plane coming in for landing at the Island airport

Toronto skyline from the ferry

Below are various pics from the island

This sign shows the direction and the distance from Toronto

Can see hazy outline of building further towards the west, a city called Mississaauga

Gibralta point lighthouse

A plane taxing on the Island airport. It's a small airport for domestic flights.

Royal Ontario Museum, better know and the ROM

Old among the new

ROM facade




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