Monday, October 24, 2011

Them Zombies are here… Run for the Hills

Downtown Toronto was flooded with zombies last Saturday afternoon for the 9th Annual Toronto ZombieWalk. They rose from their graves and came in full swing in all their gory.

October here is the Halloween month and the spooks are all in town. The Zombie walk has started way back in 2003, a week before Halloween, when the living dead decided they are not going to take it lying down, and decided to hunt the city in search of their favorite food group, brains.  

What else can one do when there is a zombie plague in town, but take plenty of pictures.

Zombie funeral directors, making your afterlife an easy one

Zombie Bride

Yikes, they want my brain...

Zombie priest

Pregnant zombie with zombie kid

Zombie Gadafi

Children of the korn

Scout zombies

Victorian zombie couple

Zombie princess

Jack Sparrow Zombie. This was actually a girl dressed up as JS. Same mannerisms down to how she spoke and walked. 

Another zombie bride

Zombie clown. Now that combination would give nightmares to anyone

One thing about these Canadians, they know how to have a hell of a good time. 

Cheers y'all, have a great week.


Lady divine said...

man, they sure know to bring Halloween to life don't they? :)

You too have an awesome week!! and thanks for the pics..:)

Azrael said...

Thanks LD :D. Yeah, Halloween is pretty big here.