Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Colors of autumn

Around this time of October, the summer heat replaced by cold winds and the leaves of non-evergreen trees start to lose their green color and turn into bright reds, oranges, and yellow. Form what people have told me, the trees turn color and the leaves start to fall in time for Halloween and the ground is covered with a carpet of red leaves. However this time around, it’s not really going according to the timetable.

Most of the trees in the downtown area are still green or has turned into a rusty brown, instead of their characteristic red hues. Only about half of High Park has turned red. Even people who live here are saying that this autumn is not as beautiful as years before. Some say that spring was late in coming and that is why the leaves are still not turning. Moving out from the downtown area and into the suburbs, you see a little more color. Could it be an effect of the city like an urban heat island? An effect of global warming? It is a possibility.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on falling temperature. These days the temp is around 10-15C and gradually getting lower. Soon it will hit zero and then minus, and the snow and the snowstorms. Oh boy, I can’t wait for that fun to start.

Anyway, went to High Park last Sunday, which was a beautifully warm day by the way, and took some pics of the colors of autumn.

Enjoy and cheers.

Google map location of high park

A squirrel, storing up on nuts

There is a small zoo inside the park with couple of animals. This one is called a Mouflon Sheep



Mallard ducks. These guys are everywhere


Anonymous said...

Very Nice, I drove to eastern Sierra, more than 2 hours to see autumn colors. Only saw a scattering of yellows

PP said...

so pretty :) hope you're having a good time there boss

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Azrael said...

Thanks guys :)

santhoshi said...

Gorgeous, should be on a postcard!

Azrael said...

Thanks Santhoshi :)