Sunday, October 02, 2011

Canada Eh!

Well, I’m back in Canada for another stint at client site. Said good bye to good old SL last Thursday, the 29th, and will not be seeing her for some months.

Thanks to the time difference, you get to land in North America on the same day as you left Sri Lanka. So, I left early morning of the 29th SL time and landed in Toronto in the evening of the 29th. The flight was long and tiring. Spent 20 hours in total, including a 3 hour transit at Abu Dhabi.  This time around flew on Etihad Airlines, and the service was quite good.

I’m a bit upset about the timing of the trip because I missed Hon. Pusswedilla’s third campaign. I was so looking forward to this for a long time. Oh well, maybe he’ll have a 4th campaign.

The weather is quite cold, hovering between 10-16 C, and it’s still the beginning of fall. Even the trees are still green. I have a feeling I’m in for a very cold winter. The last winter that I was here was pretty hard, but both the previous one and the preceding one were mild. Jack Frost isn’t a fan of mine. To add to the cold, it’s raining too.

My internal clock is whacked out. No matter what time I go to bed and night, I wake up around 2 in the morning. Last night I actually went to bed around 2am, but woke up around 4. Sometimes I fall back into sleep around 6am again and wake up around 9. Unfortunately the result is a heavy drowsiness around 3 in the afternoon. You are knocked out for another 3-4 hours. Hopefully this sorts itself out soon. I have to get back to work tomorrow.

Went to downtown last night, and the place was crowded. There was a city wide, all night art show in town, so the streets were jam packed. It’s called Nuit Blanche, where various contemporary art projects are installed in public building and spaces throughout the downtown area, and it’s a night event. It went from sunset to sunrise the next day.  

Well, here’s to Jack Frost not freezing me!



Lady divine said...

you're gone again?

Oh well...have fun!!! and post lots of pics...:) So we can see a bit of Canada too.. :)

Azrael said...

Yep, I'm gone again. Thanks, will do :D

Angel said...

Plenty of hot drinks and wrap up well...

And yes, I vote for loads of pics too!

Azrael said...

Thanks Angel, will do :)