Thursday, September 01, 2011

A celebration on the day you were born

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Another year has come to pass
but the world at large is unaware
this is for you, your personal year
to celebrate that special day
when the world was blessed with another child
rest of the world may not rejoice
but the people to whom you matter the most
will shower you with their love
embrace it, share it
take stock of the life you have led
remember the good times
the laughter and the love
forget the bad times
the hurt and the tears
mistakes are a part of life
learn from them, and mature
what is done is done
move on soldier, move on
when one year ends another one begins
what the future holds no one knows
trials and tribulations are part of life
be strong and defeat them all
greet each day with a smile on your face
go forth and conquer the world!


Delilah said...

happy belated b'day :)

Azrael said...

Thank D :D

Lady divine said...

Happy b'day Azrael!!! :-)

may've you have a wonderful yr ahead of you!!! :) hugs.

Azrael said...

Thanks LD :)