Monday, April 04, 2011


I’m not a die-hard cricket fan, or of any sport for that matter. My interest is usually limited to knowing who won and who lost, and even that is only when SL is playing. Surprisingly I found myself taking an interest in this World Cup.

Unfortunately the final result was not in our favor. So now we have India as the world champions and we are the runners up. A worthwhile achievement nonetheless.
What stuck with me the most is the aftermath. It was good to see the team being warmly welcomed back to the country amidst cheers, still treated as champions even though they weren’t.

As a nation we should be proud of the fact that we stand behind our team whether they win or lose.

I wonder if the Indian players would have been treated the same if they had lost.

Best of luck to the SL cricket team in their future endeavors.

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Chavie said...

Well said. :)

Our boys carry all our hopes in the field, alone against so much pressure and intensity. Regardless of the outcome, they'd always be champions to me! :)