Friday, April 15, 2011

Sri Lanka in Hollywood

You know you’ve arrived when Hollywood starts to name drop. As much as I wish it’s my name, I’m talking about good old Sri Lanka as a country.

I recently came across two instances, where Sri Lanka was mentioned in Hollywood TV shows. Nothing major, just a mention as another country in the world, but still…

I know there were several films that were shot on location here, but the storyline is set in a different country altogether. The oldest movie reference that I know of is a film called “Elephant Walk” way back in 1954 starring Elizabeth Taylor. The storyline is set in a Tea plantation in times of British Ceylon.

A modern day reference was in an episode of Judging Amy, a long time back. The only reason it stuck was because it was the first time I’ve heard it mention in an American TV show.

More recently it was mentioned in an episode of Covert Affairs and a cartoon named Generator Rex.

OK, contrary to what is mentioned above, I DO NOT watch a lot of TV. It’s just I need to watch something while having meals at home. It’s merely a case of watching the right show at the right time.

Anyway, if anyone out there knows of any movies or TV shows that mentions Sri Lanka, please drop a comment.


Anonymous said...

Sir Carol Reed, directed one of the first films to have been made in Sri Lanka, The Outcast of the Islands (1952), and remarked: “The whole of Sri Lanka is a film set”. I did a little write up few weeks back.

M.L.B. said...

Sri Lanka was also mentioned on a first season episode of V.
And also by Nicki Minaj on Kanye Wests' "Monster"

Plus after the whole Akon thing Sri Lanka is quite popular.

Anonymous said...

Out of Africa (1985)

Azrael said...

Cool, Thanks guys!

G.N.J said...

Well recently i heard about Sri Lanka in 'Gossip girl' TV series.I think serena vander woodsern's mom donates some money to build a school in Sri Lanka.

The shocking thing is most hollywood celebrities are afraid to come to Sri Lanka for some reason and they always pick Maldives instead.

senarath.isuru said...

Sri Lanka was also mentioned on an old James Bond film Octopussy (1983).

sameera said...

Die hard(1985)