Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Good book and some other stuff :)

Recently read a thrilling book by Michael Dibdin called the “The Last Sherlock Holmes Story”. It pitted Sherlock Holmes against both Jack the Ripper and Professor Moriarty. However the ending was the real shocker. You might not like it if you are a diehard fan of the Baker Street sleuth. It’s well worth the read though.

Found it at the British Council, and should still be there…

Holmes is suffering from Multiple personality disorder and he himself is BOTH MORIARTY and JACK THE RIPPER. Commits suicide for the good of all.

On a separate note…

My brain still seems to be a blank. I think the cause is I’m getting too lazy. Hmm…Must do something about it.

New thing I learnt, one glass of Champagne can leave you reeking of alcohol for a long time. Who knew. Went to a wedding recently and had one glass of Champagne for the toast. Got stopped by cops on the way home, who insisted that I reek of alcohol and wanted me to do a breathalyzer. Fortunately I passed, so the copper is left with a used “baluma”. Man, this means can’t even have a glass of Champagne when driving. Too much hassle.

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Chavie said...

lol at the cop with the baluma! xD