Thursday, November 25, 2010

Elephants @ Kaudulla

Went on a little trip to Habarana last week, and the highlight of it was a safari at Kaudulla national park. Because of the rains, the tracks were all nice and muddy, so it was like taking part in a 4X4 challenge as well.

Kaudulla Reserve is a comparatively smaller than some of the other parks in Sri Lanka, with an area of only 70 sq. km. It was designated as such in April of 2002, and includes the area surrounding the Kaudulla tank. The tank is in fact one of the oldest in the country, built by King Mahasen, between 275 – 301 AD.

We were lucky in that there was a big herd of Elephants, maybe numbering about 50, gathered at the tank. They seemed calm enough that the jeeps were able to get very close. Could it be that they are intrigued by us as we are of them? I can just imagine them going, “Another set of stupid humans coming this way boys. Just ignore them and they’ll go away”

Yum Yum - They pick up a clump of grass and keeps hitting against their legs to get rid of the dirt.

Extended Family

Heading Back home

Mama, Hide me from the sun

Dude, who put dirt on me back? It ain't funny.

Hey, where'd everyone go?

A little dip in the pool before lunch

Me pretty yes? (Painted stork)

Get my good side

Whoa, is that a rabbit i see?
(not sure what the bird is. Please feel free to comment. Tx)

Keeping an eye on the interlopers

Me see far... (again, not sure what the bird is. Please feel free to comment. Tx)

His Majesty, the King


Chavie said...

Dude, those are some brilliant pics, especially that Eagle like thing in pic 10! Amila would be the guy to ask about identification, though. :D

N said...

Crested hawk eagle in the first, grey headed tank eagle in the second. Interesting factoid about Kaudulla...the current warden is apparently scared of elephants so hasn't been into the park in a few years. Hence why there are cattle, etc in the park. Only in Sri Lanka.

Azrael said...

@Chavie - Thanks :)

@N: Thanks for the info :)

Scrumps said...

I love elephants - they're my favourite animal (sad I know!).

Azrael said...

@Scrumps - I like them too. Nothing to be sad about :)