Friday, November 05, 2010


I’m not a big family person. I know some immediate relatives and outside of that circle, my knowledge is limited. Truthfully I’ve never made an attempt learn about them either. I might get some info during some conversation or other, but the next minute I’ve forgotten them.

Unlike me, my parents and their generation seems to know anyone and everyone, no matter what the distance of the relationship. I am usually left watching clueless as they talk about this one and that one at family gatherings.

Similarly, I’ve never been much interested in family ancestry, but recently I was made aware about the gravesite of my Grandfather’s Grandfather. I think that makes him my great, great grandfather. It kind of made me realize that these people actually existed and led their own unique lives. He was born 1844 and died in 1890, after spending 46 years on this earth. Kind of makes you wonder what their lives were like. How less complicated their lives must have been, when compared to the ones we lead today. Makes you want to go back and see what it was like.

St. Mary's Cathedral, Galle

Come, and take a seat.

My Great, Great Grandfathers grave site

a very peaceful cemetery. I think this used to be the old one, which is not in use now.


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Chavie said...

Lovely cathedral. Really makes you wonder what life back in the day was like... :)