Sunday, August 22, 2010

Awenda Park, Ontario

Part of Ontario Parks, Awenda is located some 150 km's north of Toronto, on the shores of Georgian Bay, part of Lake Huron. It's a very beautiful park with a lovely beach (lake side that is, not seaside), and woodland area's with campsites and hiking trails. Walking though the woods, you feel like Robin Hood playing around in Sherwood Forrest. You almost expect to see the hooded one in the shadows of the tree, his arrow trained at you.

There are several hiking trails you can try, and we choose one called the Wendat trail, a 5km, 2 hour hike. It takes you around a small inland lake. You can also take row around the lake by renting a canoe.

Unfortunately rain clouds were hanging around, making the day gloomy. No bright sunshine at all. Lucky for us, the rain held till were on our way home.

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