Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pride Toronto

As I've mentioned before Toronto is a pretty tolerant place. This is evident in the LGBT rights that they have here, considered one of the most powerful in the Americas, perhaps the world. Last week was Pride week, a week long collection of events by the LGBT community, ending with a huge parade, which was held last Sunday, the 4th of July.

This parade is one of the biggest parties in Toronto, and 2010 is the 30th year that it's being held. It's not just the people that participate, but businesses, big companies and even political parties join in. Currently the mayoral race is going on, and this parade is a good campaign ground for all the candidates. For businesses, it's great marketing platform. Gay, straight, it doesn't matter, everybody is welcome to join in.

The parade route is jam packed with people. We couldn't even get close. if you want a good place, you need to get there early and camp out. Managed to get some pic over the heads of the crowd.


Delilah said...

nice. i like how you've captured the mood and the colors. and damn i wish i had been there to see it.

Azrael said...

Thanks Delilah.