Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Victoria Day Weekend

This weekend was a long weekend, one of the very few in Canada, for Victoria Day. Victoria Day is in honor of both Queen Victoria’s birthday, and the current reigning monarch’s, that being the Queen of England, birthday. It is celebrated on the last Monday of May on or before the 24th. Canada officially recognizes May 24th as the Queen’s birthday, which began in 1854, on the day of Queen Victoria’s 35th birthday, around 5000 citizens of Canada West gathered in front of the government house to give cheers to the Queen. After Queen Victoria in 1901 May 24th was declared Empire Day throughout the British Empire, imperial decree.

End result is another official holiday and a long weekend. Official holidays don’t really have an exact date, but they usually make the holiday on a Friday or Monday, closest to the actually day. Most people can’t wait for these long weekends to pack up their gear and head up north for their summer cottages.

As part of the celebrations, there was a Circus festival at the Harbourfront in Toronto, plus fireworks show at night.



Balancing Act



Stilt Walker

Juggling Stilt Walker

Living Statue


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Chavie said...

whoaaaaa at the fireworks! :D

so didn't you go anywhere for the long weekend?