Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Made another trip to High Park last weekend and took some pics. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings were raining and still gloomy in the evening when we went. Didn't do the whole round this time since it was getting late. Planning to get more pics some other time.


Dee said...

ur in states? I LOVE racoons!!

Delilah said...

nice :) absolutely loved this place. i recommend spending a whole day here lying on a blanket. reading or snoozing :)

Chavie said...

Nice flowers! :D And the raccoon is cuuute! :D

Azrael said...

Dee: A little bit above, Canada. :). Unfortunately the the furry friend didn't sit still, so most of the pics of him are blurred :(

Delilah: oh how i wish i had the time to spend a day lying on a blanket :(

Chavie: Thanks dude :)

niroshinie said...

wow the trees look like as if eleves might peek out of them the next minute!
love the racoon btw