Friday, April 09, 2010

Random Stuff...

Easter weekend came and went. Good Friday was a holiday here, one of the very few they have. Makes you thankful for all the extra holidays we get in SL. Thankfully the weather was beautifully, and enjoyed some walks around the neighborhood. Unfortunately the weather didn’t last, and this week it is raining. It’s supposed to last into this weekend as well, bah...

I guess the good thing about the rain is that it kick starts the new growth in vegetation. Just after a couple of days of rain, lawns are getting greener and some trees are sprouting shoots. The birds chirping away and squirrels have come out of hibernation. These are a bigger species than what we have ins SL. Still haven’t had a chance to get a pic of them.

There is a big park nearby, called High Park, and it’s a wonderful place for nature lovers, who don’t want to go far away from the city. I’m waiting till the trees get some color to get some good pics.

The days are getting longer. There sunshine till around 8pm. The pic above was taken around 7.40pm, but it looks darker, maybe because of the rain. In realty it was much brighter.

Long train running. One of the trains belonging to a service called Go Trains. The compartments are double decker.

A view towards the lake, area known as Lake Shore. This is actually towards the west of downtown. Most of the buildings are condo's and apartments, which I hear are really expensive.

Waiting for their spring collection from Mother Nature.

Part of High Park. These are like nature trails, while there is also a paved road. It's where all the dog owners bring their doggy's to play.

The below pair of Canada Geese have made their nest right outside the front entrance of my office. They have laid their eggs and hatching them, so they are very protective. If anyone comes near the glass they start bitting with their beaks. I think they haven't figured the concept of glass yet. I heard that they have also harassed people coming to the front door of the building as well. Of all the places to build a nest. Who knows, maybe they want the kids to grow into software developers and hopes the close proximity will rub something off on them.

Have a good weekend, cheers!


Chavie said...

Awww, those geese are cuuuute! :D Yeah maybe they'll hatch programmers, who knows? ;) lol

Lady divine said...

nice post! So when are you going to be here in SL again? It's been a while now right?

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