Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Rocking Friday Night

I made my way to a gig after a long time, and it felt great. There is something about a live gig that you can’t get from a boom box, no matter how powerful your sub-woofer is, especially when it comes to rock. Screaming guitars and throbbing drums just goes to the core of the body and pulsates from the inside, giving a tingly feeling. It’s like a buzz, even without alcohol. Of course, the buzz would have been greater if alcohol was involved, but I don’t like to mix drinking and driving.

If you headed down to Clancy’s on Friday night you would have experienced what I’m talking about. The lineup for the Rockapalooza featured some great bands made up of very talented people. The headliners were Magic Vinyl featuring Mr. Anil Balasuriya and they of course rocked the house down. They performed a lot of their originals with some covers.

The idea behind the event is commendable because it allows young musicians to showcase their talent, not just in Rock, but other genre as well, because it is open to all.

Magic Vinyl probably features the only female drummer in Sri Lanka (that i know about) along with a female lead guitarist. They are extremely talented IMO and trend setters for the younger generation of women.

It was a fun night and I enjoyed myself very much. I wish all the bands a lot of success and hope to see another Rockapalooza soon.

\m/ :)


Angel said...

Sounds like it was great! Wish I was there...

Chavie said...

have heard a lot about Magic Vinyl... would love to see them live!