Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crash into me…

They (always those mysterious ‘they’) say that you are not a true biker unless you’ve had at least one crash off your bike…

Ok ok I made that up to make myself feel better. Well, it had to happen sometime. My bike decided that it wanted to do a skid and fall over while I was still on it, thanks to which I now sport several cuts on my face. Luckily no broken bones or anything, a couple of cuts and a bruised ego. Currently parading around with a big dressing on my chin, which makes my look like one of those Pharaoh dudes with the funky goatee thingy. No, it is not a laughing matter.

This happened last week while heading home from office and I guess it was my lucky day. The car in front braked and I hit the brakes. Next thing I know, I’m smooching tar. What happened was that I hit the front brakes first, which caused it to slip on the wet road. I mean I’ve done worse speeds, in worse weather and nothing has ever happened. But then again there is a limit to pushing your luck. Maybe this was a hint from Lady Luck to slow down, and stop trying to be Evel Knievel’s very distant cousin. The bike also survived with only a cracked side mirror.

It shook me up a lot at the time, but managed to get up in a few seconds. I tell you, those first few seconds are scary. You feel disoriented and you brain is going wtf happened. Then you start to calm down and try to figure out what is broken or not.

One good thing though, it kind of renewed my faith in the kindness of strangers. Several passersby came and helped me out. It happened close to my home, so I called my dad to come get me. Everything is now hunky dory, all healing up nicely. The nuisance part is that I can’t get the dressing on my face get wet. So bathing is done in 3 stages. First wash the face, avoiding the dressing, the wash my hair separately, and then wash the rest of the body, while keeping my head away from the shower. Damn silly, but what to do.

So it’s back to bussing it to office these days. I don’t feel like taking the car everyday because I’m a cheap bastard who doesn’t want to see my hard earned money ending up in the coffers of some far away Sheik who does nothing but eat Dates and play with his harem all day. (Ok that’s just jealousy, why the hell should I fund his fun times, when I can’t have it) Of course there’s that other little thing called being environmentally friendly. I’ll give it a couple of weeks till I get back on my steed.

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santhoshi said...

oh dear! take care of yourself! good that it was a minor one.

Scrumps said...

DUDE! Seriously - be more careful! (Sorry to lecture you!)

Take care of yourself. :)

Lady divine said...

Be more careful!!!

glad to know you're ok..

take care...:)

Azrael said...

he he, thanks guys. Yeah I guess this was a wake up call to be more careful.

crystal flame said...

=S bikes are devilish

safe riding!

pissu perera said...

dood! all ok now? every time i think people are crazy to think mobikes are not safe, i hear of someone who had a crash. (yeah, i have a habit of turning everything into something about me :)

hope you're good. be careful now.

Chavie said...

I'm glad it was a minor crash... Be safe out there man! :)