Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dangerous Celebs Online!

Jeassica Biel
(Pic courtesy of IMDB and Getty Images)

You might want to stop searching for those naughty pics of Jessica Biel online... oh wait; I forgot we can’t do that here anymore...

Anyway, you still might want to be careful when you Google her. In a new report released on Tuesday by McAfee, it says that names of Hollywood actors are in the top ten search terms that lead to websites with a security threat. Not surprisingly, Jessica Biel tops the list. The company named her the “most dangerous celebrity in cyberspace” because one in five searches with the term “Jessica Biel” leads to a security threat, with risk being annoying to devastating. Others in the top five include Beyonce, Jennifer Anniston, footballer Tom Brady, and Jessica Simpson. Apparently Brad Pitt led this list last year, but has been bumped out to #10. Technically there is no Brad Pitt anymore is there? It’s the Brangelina Clan now.

The validity of the report is criticised by some, since it was presented by a leading manufacturer of Anti-virus software, who supposedly just wants to trump up some publicity and sell more products. What a bunch of pessimists. Can’t a company, out of the goodness of their hearts present some information that can be beneficial to the society at large? Of course if it does lead to more sales, that is unfortunate.

The only important thing to take from this is that GEEKS DO HAVE TASTE, and that they are fully aware of pop culture trends. This will help to dispel rumours that geeks are demon creatures living in dark rooms, tapping at keyboards 24 hours a day, plotting to take over the world. The reality is far from it. They conquered the world a long time ago, and they are looking into mind control these days.

I do applaud their choice of celebrity though. Oh common, she was the only reason that I tortured myself to watch 7th Heaven :P. Justin Timberlake is one lucky bastard.

Oh yeah, the moral of the story is to be careful when your surfing cyberspace...

Geeks Rule!!!

Geeks Rule
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Anonymous said...

Or just use Linux :D

Chavie said...

lol, echo Chatura! geeks know what to search, and how to do it without getting burnt... ;)

The Puppeteer said...

Well then Sri Lankans have nothing to worry about!

Neat pic! I can think of a few geeks I could tag on that =P

Azrael said...

Chathuawa & Chavie - Yeah FOSS Rulez!!! :D

The Puppeteer - Yep, we are safe. :D