Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hot Summer Days

...are fun, but this is a bit too much. Is it me or is it just freakishly hot these day?. I'm sitting at home sweating buckets :(

I didn't notice the heat much during the weekdays since I'm stuck inside an AC office during the day, and I usually get to office early and leave late. So I try to have minimum contact with Mr. Sun.

Went out with some friends yesterday and even the car AC wasn't powerful enough to cool us up. And no, it's not broken :P. You leave the car for awhile and get back in again, it's like getting into a hot oven. yikes...

Took the bike around today, and coz of the wind, you don't feel the heat...only until you stop. I'm now also sporting a two tone color scheme, since I was wearing a short sleeved T.

Even though the sun is gone now, it's still hot. No wind at all, and the trees are like frozen.

Oh ye all powerful weather gods, deliver us from this misery. Let there be rain...

No? not even a measly drop? :(

Oh well, I think I'll poke my head inside the freezer for awhile.



Nefarious said...

gotta agree on the heat. its horrible!

Makuluwo said...

In SL or in that place you put up Winter pics of long ago?
But the heat is a relentless little bastard here in SL. The only logical solution is sitting with your face inches from a table-fan at all times.

Azrael said...

@Mak - Where else but SL :)