Saturday, March 14, 2009

Going Home to the Paradise Isle

After six, cold, yet exciting fun-filled months, my stint in Canada is coming to an end, and I’m going back to our little Paradise isle we call home. My sentiments in one word: Woohoo 

Man, can’t believe that 6 months have already gone by. It seems like yesterday that I landed in Canada, all wide eyed in wonder of all the exiting sites. It was a very busy time at work, so didn’t really notice the months go by. It truly has been a wonderful couple of months, albeit the freezing weather, but then again, that is what Winter is. I can at least say that I braved winter storms and played in the snow. Unfortunately the timing is such that I won’t be here to experience the hot and wild summer days. That’s when all the action happens. Winter on the other hand is pretty boring and depressing. Oh well, maybe next time eh? Met a lot of wonderful people, learnt new things, saw new things and places and managed to have some fun on the way as well. A great experience overall. Also managed to meet up with an uncle of mine, who I haven’t met in a long time, so that was good as well.

Canada is a great place, with a lot of diversity in people and culture, since it has been welcoming immigrants with open arms for a long time. A jumble of different ethnicities living together without any problems. There is a vast difference between SL and Canada, when it comes to the level of development, but I still believe that if our lot put their minds to it, we can also achieve great heights.

I’ve been counting the days for the past couple of weeks. 16th is D-Day, and after several hours stuck in a metal tube with wings, I will be touching some good ole SL soil on the 18th. Not looking forward to being stuck in a plane for 18 hours though. Got a transit in Dubai for about 8 hours, but luckily they gave a hotel room for a bit of rest.

Sources inform me that it’s like living inside an oven in SL these days. Just my luck, from freezing in an ice box, to roasting like a rotisserie chicken. Hopefully the heat can help me lose some weight gained during this time. Not a big fan of exercising, but will have to do something once back home.

The first thing I want to do is to take my bike out and let it rip. It is one thing I really missed. The wind blowing in your face, speeding along the open roads while the rest of the world zooms right past you. That is a wonderful feeling. The feeling of freedom and nothing can beat it.

Also my taste buds are yearning for some good old yummy home cooking. I’m getting a bit tired of this daily cooking business. You get tired of take-out after awhile, and the thought of cooking a meal after a busy day at the office is not also a thrilling thought. Makes you appreciate your mother dearest more and more. I don’t want anything fancy, some rice with some creamy polos curry, a Mukunuwenna mellum and a hot hot fish curry, my all time favorites. Ok, enough. I’m torturing myself with all this talk about food. Just a few more days boy, be strong. Just a few more days and I’ll be hanging out with the gang, polishing off a bottle of OR with hot plate of devilled prawns or Cuttle fish at Mount beach, watching the sun go down on the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Aahhh, good times are ahead, yeah baby…

Truly there is no place like home, and my greatest wish is that we can move beyond out petty squabbles and develop SL what she should really be, hopefully during my lifetime. I have zero faith in politicians, only in the common man.

Adios Canada, it was truly a wonderful experience. Hopefully I will be able to visit your shores once again.

Cheers to all you peeps, I will be back once I get settled home.

The golden beaches. It’s a pic I took sometime back near Seenigama.


Liberal Lanka said...

Wellcome back.

Your sources are a little late it seems. It is raining like hell, and not hot.

Azrael said...

Thanks. Good if it's raining :)

Kalusudda said...

Have a good and safe trip man. Looking forward read more once you land in SL

N B said...

Welcome to Paradise....
Wishes from Shanghai though :-)

DeeCee said...


Anonymous said...

welcome back Azrael! It's sure good to know that you're going to be closer to home than ever before! Hugs!

niroshinie said...

Ohh I always thought winter was a happening season with all those snow ballin and skatin and stuff ...hmmm Anyway welcome back!

Azrael said...

Thanks y'all

@PassionatelyPatient - Hugs right back at ya

@niro - Well snowball fights and skiing is fun, but you get tired of it after awhile :)