Monday, March 02, 2009

Barbie of Smugglers Cove

Elsie, Maise and Tootsie
Resident witches of Smugglers Cove,
They spent their days in a ramshackle hut
brewing potions and spewing curses,
As luck would have it, they were not that good,
So the kind people of the village
Endured all with tolerant smile

Elsie and Maise were ugly as hell,
while Tootsie was a Viking goddess;
And long Golden hair,
'Adopted she is' the villagers would say
'poor lass, stuck with those two hags'
The truth of course is stranger than fiction
Their mum was a hottie,
Who had a fling, with Odin himself
As a result of this lovers tryst
Out popped Tootsie
Barbie of Smugglers Cove

Elsie and Maise, tried their best
to teach little Toots the witches way,
but alas, all in vain
her mind was stuck, on the pages of Vogue
she never wore the traditional garb
gone were the black frock, black shoes
and the pointy witches hat,
Prada, Gucci, and Christian Dior,
Those were her favorite pals,
While her sisters toiled over bubbling cauldrons
Tootsie mastered the art of eyeliners and blush

Then came the day, the Grey old man came
With a bevy angels hanging on each arm
‘Hi there Toots, how you doing
You’re an angel, stuck in hell’,
‘Come with me to the land of the free
Become a bunny and play with me.’
So they packed their bags and off they went,
To the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood Hills
Elsie, Maise and Tootsie

Tootsies star began to rise
The most famous bunny of them all
A permanent fixture on every red carpet
From dusk till dawn she partied hard
With all the stars and the A-list crowd,
The paparazzi followed her all day long
To get the shot that would make their day,
Move aside Paris and Nicole
Tootsie Bunny is here to stay
The Barbie of Smugglers Cove

Elise and Maise didn’t lie low
They used their skills to cook a few potions
To make a reality, the dreams of all stars
A literal fountain of eternal youth
And bags full of beauty tricks
They made a fortune in a few short days
Spent their days in luxurious bliss
Sipping Martinis in a Hollywood mansion

Bunny of the Year

(Original image from the movie “House Bunny”.
With all apologies to the very beautiful and very talented Anna Farris, probably one of the best comedy actresses of the times. )

All characters are figments of a twisted imagination of the author, who is under the influence of several hallucinogenic agents. Any resemblances to individuals living and dead are purely coincidental. Even if it does, the author does not give a shit :)


Makuluwo said...

Share some of these hallucinogenic agents with your blogger buddies, man! ;D

Harshadewa Ariyasinghe said...

The best part of the post.. lol!!!

"Any resemblances to individuals living and dead are purely coincidental. Even if it does, the author does not give a shit :)"