Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some Whacky News to Lighten Up the Day

These stories courtesy of www.stunning-stuff.com.Not the latest news, but whacky.

Drag Queen Burglar

A student of the University of South Florida had a nice surprise when she returned home to see a burglar passed out in her laundry room wearing her own clothes. It seems he had helped himself to some beers and food while at it.

I guess he must have been a fan of Goldilocks. Hey, why stop at sleeping in the beds when you can also wear the clothes

Potty Thieves

A couple of thieves in Belarus decided to make off with a public toilet, while a man was already in it going about his business. He later managed to get out of it and alert the police.

My question is, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO STEAL A TOILET??? I mean geez…is that town so deprived of valuable items that thieves have to resort to stealing loos? What’s the world coming to when a person can’t take a poo in peace?

'Wrong way' driver warns police about 'wrong way' drivers

A 86-year-old gramps from Bern, Switzerland, took a wrong turn while driving and ended up going the wrong way on a highway. Of course grandpa can never be wrong, So he complained to the police about all the other people who were going the wrong way. The police drove him home and are now contemplating whether to take his license away (you think?)

The nerve of these youngsters today, driving the wrong side of the road...hmph...

Thief with a heart of Gold

A thief in Brazil returned a car he stole after hearing the owners personal troubles. The owner called his own mobile phone which was left inside the car and made an emotional plea to the thief about his financial trouble, and the thief was so moved that he parked the car and told the owner where he could pick it up.

What a nice guy eh? I'm guessing that this guy is unlikely to have a long career in the thieving business.

Fish 'n Chips Burglar

A woman in Holland was woken up in the middle of the night by the smell of frying fish. When she went downstairs, she found a man frying fish in her kitchen. The man also admitted to taking a Beer and some drinks to compliment the Fish dinner.

Man whatever happened to good ole' steal your valuables kinda thieves?

Shopper fined for not carrying basket in Supermarket

It seems its a law at the Edah supermarkets in Netherlands, that shoppers must carry a basket when shopping, even if your buying one item. One guy refused and was arrested and fined $185.00. The reason for this law is to reduce shoplifting.
(Paranoid much?)

Junior Don Juan

A school in Branson Missouri suspended a 9-year-old under the schools sexual harassment policy for kissing another student, on the cheek.

That dirty little bastard. How dare he. Doesn't he know that only teachers are allowed to kiss at school.

Tattoo Ads

A woman has auctioned off her forehead space for $10,000 to place a tattoo for a gambling site. The site her $10,000 asking price and added another $5000 into the aggreement. She says it's a lot of money for her and a small price to pay for sending her son to a private school. In a wierd way, it's a tale of a mothers love.

Hmmm...Wonder how much I can get for arm space?

Cheers y'all, have a good week ahead :)


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lol.....awesome post!!:D

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Makuluwo said...
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Makuluwo said...

I wish -I- woke up to someone frying stuff for breakfast!
'Kay man, I won't call the police if you share the fried stuff.'