Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flying on Snow

Last Saturday was an exciting day because I had my first taste of Skiing, and it was fun. The place is called the Blue Mountain Resort, located near a town called Collingwood. It’s about 150km North of Toronto. Five of us from the office rented a car and made there in about 2 hours. The place has packages for ski rentals and provides instructors for beginners as well.

We’ve all seen those cool looking skiers and snowboarders gliding down snowy mountain trail, who makes it look easy as ABC. Well it ain’t that easy if you are trying it for the first time. First of all wearing those ski boots are like wearing a plaster casts, and walking around in them is murder. Took sometime to figure out the trick is to take long strides placing the heel first. And don’t get me started on getting up and down stairs. Basically walked around like a duck with a bad limp. These special boots are needed because they are made to clip on to the skis, and keep them on you.

The skis themselves may look like thin pieces of wood, but they are quite heavy. From what I can find out, a pair might weigh something upwards of 2kg.

Well after getting the basics, tried my luck on the baby slopes. Happy to say that I managed to stay on my feet, well let’s just say, most of the time anyway. Didn’t get the hang of how to steer, but as long as it is a straight run, I can manage. :D

It’s really awesome to see little kids skiing and snowboarding down some of the higher slopes. Man, those kids must be born with skis on them.

On a more warmer note, the weather is turning and it’s getting warmer now. Snow is starting to melt and it’s nice to see sporadic patches of green in a sea of white.



Anonymous said...

Good for you, once you get the hang of it you will want more! I am going up the mountains this weekend too! (Hey that is not a mountain ;) Go to whistler, It is really cool.

Makuluwo said...

Love the first picture!
Lucky you. I still pray for snow over here. :(

Azrael said...

@kalusudda - yeah it is kinda addictive isn't it :). this is just the beginners slope. true, heard Whistler is awesome.

@Mak - Never stop dreaming :)

Anonymous said...

SO happy that you have all these nice expereinces! Cheers and a big hug to you from passionatelypatient!

Anonymous said...

(experiences) :)